UC Application Tips

Looking for ways to increase your chance for admission?

“And may the odds be forever in your favor”

  1. Apply to four or more campuses
  2. Select an alternate major that is less selective or impacted
    • All UC campuses allow you to choose an alternate major(except Berkeley)
    • Heres your chance to choose something less selective or a department with higher enrollment.
  3. Understand you will be measured against your peers.
    • If someone from your high school took 4 AP classes and you took none well…
  4. Fill out the application thoughtfully and thoroughly.
    • Many students polish their essays but rush the short descriptions of awards and extracurriculars
    • They have far less impact when you use acronyms and do not describe the context of awards. How competitive was it? How many students were competing? Was it national, state or local competition?
  5. Think of each section of the application as being worth points (because it is)
    • Don’t skip sections where you could gain points.
    • If you lose points in one section try to gain them back by explaining.
      • example:” I was not able to participate in lots of exracurriculars because I had to work.”
      • A steady job that shows commitment is of value.
  6. Don’t brag, be humble and sincere. An expensive trip to another country is worth far less than helping other students or people in your community.
  7. Can you show that you have demonstrated concern for others? Meaningful volunteer work? Excellent!!!
  8. Do you have demonstrated interest in your major? Excellent!!!
    • example: You are applying for engineering and took programming classes at a CC over the summers.
    • example: You are on the Robotics team or club.
    • example: You teach programming workshops to local youth during the summer.
    • example: You are applying for communications and volunteer time at the local tv station.
    • example: You would like to be an attorney and are in mock trial.
    • Show commitment and depth, stick with something, don’t bounce around to add more. Quality is of higher value than quantity.

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