Author: Suzanne Dougherty


Passionate about higher education, and

following a career change, Suzanne Dougherty got her

start working in higher-ed at Santa Barbara

Community College where she realized how

much she enjoyed working with students.

She has a great deal of knowledge and

insight about UC admissions history having

authored a book entitled The Complete

Guide to University of California Admissions.

She has spent years working to understand

the complex undergraduate application and

admission requirements, volunteering her

time to answer student questions about the

UC Application, financial aid, scholarships,

senior year courses, recent changes to the

Personal Statements and more.


“I lose sleep thinking about some of the

questions I have received from students

who have no outside assistance; many High

School and Community College counselors

are unable to help because they are simply

overwhelmed by the number of students

they serve. The inequity I see between

the help students who have unlimited

resources receive and those that have no

resources really makes me want to get

involved and find ways to do more.” With

a special interest in California public higher

education, and to stay connected, Suzanne

is an active volunteer on both UCLA and

UCSB campuses on weekends. She is

driven to find ways to contribute to student

success in reaching for higher education.

The Complete Guide to University of California Admissions | 2017

The Complete Guide to University of California Admissions | 2017

Black & White - Second Edition - This book leads you through the process of applying to the UCs, from explaining the broad range of selectivity to choosing which campuses to apply to; it systematically covers all the factors that weigh into the UCs’ admissions decisions used in their selection process. Numerous tables and charts uncover the often hidden statistics of who gets admitted and who doesn’t. Being armed with this information along with the author’s many insights will assure any applicant that all their bases are covered. • ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT • TEST RESULTS • PERSONAL INSIGHT • SPECIAL TALENTS • OTHER FACTORS WITHIN YOUR CONTROL More info →
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