Chance me for UCLA vs Ivy League

Chance me for UCLA vs Ivy League?

Compare 2015 UC “Resident” admission rates to the Ivy League SCEA (Single Choice Early Action), EA (Early Action) and ED (Early Decision)

Each year California students are broken-hearted over rejections from the top UC campuses. But did they accurately predict their chance for admission? Most students do not have enough time while racing through high school to also educate themselves about each schools selectivity. Limited time combined with the UCs prevalent promotion of the bare minimum requirements have left many students and parents perplexed about their true chances for admission. The thread  “Chance me for UCLA vs Ivy League” on College Confidential will bring you a range of random predictions from anonymous posters, many sharing inaccurate or out of date information.

Private admissions counselors have known for years that the best bet for admission to many private schools is through the Early Notification admission choices that many Ivy League schools offer. Single Choice Early Action, Early Action and Early Decision all offer a higher chance for admission than Regular Decision. (The UC only offers regular decision) When compared to the Early Decision rates at the Ivy League, you can see why there are times that you may hear that a student has been rejected from UCLA but admitted to Brown or Columbia.

I hope that by providing this kind of information I am not discouraging my students in any way. You should always shoot for the top! The point is to help you understand the importance of applying to a range of schools and help you to keep an open mind until the decisions are made. Try not to fixate on one school. Although you can only attend one, you could be happy at many.

The decisions that lock in students early, are designed for those who do not need to weigh all financial aid options before selecting a school. I applaud the UC for sticking with one fair, single choice of regular decision. I hope this remains the same for years to come! Go To UC!