UC Appeals Process

UC Appeal

UC Appeals Process | Students declined admission have the right to submit an Appeal to any UC

The UC Appeals process is different for each campus. You must be follow the process carefully, of each individual campus, in order to submit your appeal. Only a few decisions at each campus are overturned each year, however you may feel it is worthwhile to give it one last try.

Though most appeals will be rejected there is one very famous example of a successful appeal. GoPro Founder, Nick Woodman, UCSD alumni, was admitted to UC Berkeley but rejected initially from UC San Diego. He was very passionate about attending UCSD as an avid surfer and luckily was successful in submitting his appeal to UCSD and overturning their initial decline to offer him admission.


Information and links to online UC Appeals forms should be available in each UC Campus student portal.

UCLA posted on their website a very tight time frame for appeals during the 2015 application cycle. A two week window in April.


In 2015 UCSC approved 364 of 370 cases for appeal