UC Notable Alumni

UC Notable Alumni and Distinguished Faculty

UCSB surfersUC Santa Barbara notable alumni

UCSB is currently home to six Nobel Laureates. Other notable UCSB alumni include Academy Award-winner Michael Douglas who received a B.A. in drama in 1968 and who is Honorary President of the UCSB Alumni Association, and Gwyneth Paltrow who studied anthropology before dropping out to act. Musicians include Robby Krieger, guitarist in The Doors, singer-songwriter Jack Johnson and electro house musician Steve Aoki. Chairman of the Oracle Corporation, Jeffrey O. Henley, graduated with a B.A. in Economics in 1966, while Knut Vollebæk, former Foreign minister of Norway, graduated with a degree in Political Science in 1973. Athletes who have studied at UCSB include swimmer and four-time Olympic Gold medalist Jason Lezak.

October, 2014 Gaucho Alumni Jack Johnson performed a surprise free concert on Storke Plaza at UCSB for “Come Together: Remember, Reconnect, & Unite” in honor of fallen UCSB students.

Go Gauchos!

UCLAUCLA notable alumni

Bordered by Brentwood, Bel-Air and Beverly Hills, Westwood is an idyllic college village surrounded by pristine, star studded neighborhoods. With 12 Nobel Prizes, 12 Rhodes Scholarships, more NCAA titles than any university, and known for having more Olympic medalists than most nations. UCLA’s students, faculty and alumni are among the worlds most recognized individuals in numerous fields and arenas. Current faculty include 5 Nobel Laureates, 300+ Fulbright scholar awardees, and 280 Guggenheim Fellows. Famous UC alumni from UCLA include winners of Oscars, Emmys, Tonys and Golden Globes like Francis Ford Coppola, Alexander Payne, John Williams, and more.

Notable alumni/actors from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television include Jack Black, Tim Robbins and more …http://www.tft.ucla.edu/alumni/notable-alumni-actors/

Notable alumni/directors from the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television http://www.tft.ucla.edu/alumni/notable-directors/

Other famous alumni include athletes Troy Aikman, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Jimmy Connors, Karch Kiraly and more celebrities such as Steve Martin, Ben Stiller, James Dean, Heather Locklear, Rob Reiner, Tom Skerritt, Llyod Bridges and the list is actually too long to name here…Go Bruins!

UC BerkeleyUC Berkeley notable alumni

The national and international awards held by faculty underscore Berkeley’s preeminence. 22 faculty have been named Nobel Prize winners, including the 8 who are current faculty members, along with 32 MacArthur Fellows and 4 Pulitzer Prize winners. Steve Wozniak of Apple Inc., Gordon Moore of Intel Corp. and Tom Anderson of Myspace LLC are among the many famous UC Alumni from Berkeley who have founded successful corporations, and according to a recent report by open-source data analytics service CrunchBase, UC Berkeley is the third-largest producer of successful entrepreneurs. The report found that from 1920 onward, UC Berkeley alumni started more than 150 of the 4,500 companies studied. Cal’s most famous alumni include Gregory Peck, Steve Wozniack, Earl Warren, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and Natalie Coughlin. Berkeley faculty, alumni, and researchers have won 71 Nobel Prizes.

Formerly a liberal stalwart of the hippie generation, today Cal is known for its engineering and business programs. Its wealthiest 447 alumni are worth a combined $72 billion. Extensive list of notable Authors, Artists, Actors and musicians including Rob Hotchkiss, B.A. 1983 – Grammy Winner, Guitarist, Founding Member of Train, Stewart Copeland, drummer of The Police, Phil Lesh, (attended) – bass guitarist of the band Grateful Dead, Jann Wenner (attended) – Founder of Rolling Stone magazine, Chris Pine, B.A. 2002 – actor (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Let’s not forget it is also the current home to Melissa Jeanette Franklin, Missy Franklin, a four-time American Olympic gold medalist competitive swimmer. She currently holds the world record in the 200-meter backstroke and American records in both the 100-meter and 200-meter backstroke. Its wealthiest 447 alumni are worth a combined $72 billion. Go Cal!

UC Davis ArcUC Davis notable alumni

Faculty, alumni, and researchers have won the Nobel Peace Prize, Presidential Medal of Freedom, Pulitzer Prize, MacArthur Fellowship, National Medal of Science, and Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering.

UC Irvine notable alumni

A growing number of UCI’s alumni have distinguished themselves as award-winning literary authors, gold medal Olympians, performing artists, and prominent members of the community in business, government, politics, education and many other fields. The distinction of UCI’s MFA program in Writing has been especially noteworthy, with three graduates having won Pulitzer Prizes. In 2014 President Obama delivered the commencement speech for the UC Irvine graduating class.

UCSD Geisel Library Dr. SeussUC San Diego notable alumni

Students have the opportunity to work closely with brilliant faculty, including Nobel laureates, interact with top students, and pursue endless opportunities for personal and intellectual development. UC San Diego’s award-winning scholars are experts at the forefront of their fields with an impressive track record for achieving scientific, medical and technological breakthroughs. UCSDs Geisel Library, voted as one of the worlds most beautiful, is  named in honor of Audrey and Theodor Seuss Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss) for the generous contributions they have made to the library and their devotion to improving literacy.

Go-Pro founder Nick Woodman was admitted to UCSD on his passionate “Appeal“. Rejected the first time, his acceptance on appeal was a life changer. “Woodman, a 1997 visual arts graduate of the University of California, San Diego, is a thrill-seeking surf enthusiast who created a device that helps people capture and share their passions. It started as a durable wrist-mounted camera for surfers to record their feats in the lineup—effectively helping them “go pro.” Now the palm-size cameras, which sell from $200 to $400, can be fastened to helmets, handlebars, ski poles, and, yes, surfboards to document experiences both ordinary and extraordinary. Today, GoPro is worth an estimated $2.25 billion.” Go Tritons!

UC Riverside

Distinguished alumni include a Nobel laureate, a Pulitzer Prize winner, a United States Ambassador, a Poet Laureate of the United States, and an Oscar winning screenwriter. UC Riverside’s distinguished faculty members have received numerous awards and honors, including:124 American Association for the Advancement of Science Members, 45 Fulbright Scholars, 22 Guggenheim Recipients, 10 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 2 MacArthur Fellowship Recipients, 1 National Academy of Engineering Member, 3 National Academy of Science Member, 11 National Endowment for the Arts Fellows, 44 National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows, 2 Presidential Early Career Award for Science and Engineering (PECASE) Recipients, 13 Sloan Fellows. More than 98% of UCR’s faculty have earned doctorate degrees.