UC Waitlist 2015 makes history

The 2015 UC Waitlist made history

In an unprecedented fashion the UC waitlist last year dragged out until July 2. Students at all campuses waited patiently while politics in Sacramento raged about final budget decisions. 2016 should see smoother sailing, waitlist decisions should roll out as planned following SIR from admitted students. Students should be notified as space becomes available. For the best ways to increase your waitlist chances read this carefully: Do NOT RACE to complete your waitlist statement    http://admitguide.com/uc-waitlist/

July 2nd | Reply to my letter regarding the final date for waitlist decisions

“Hello Ms. Dougherty,

Thank you for your message.

The UC Office of the President, Undergraduate Admissions expect all campuses to send final waitlist decisions by the end of the day (July 2).

AskUC – Admissions (Undergraduate)
University of California, Office of the President”

June 9th 2015 |UC Bulletin to Counselors & Advisors

“The University is still determining its capacity to admit any additional students for the coming fall term. Campuses will continue to hold onto waitlists until sometime over the summer. Because of the uncertainty, UC encourages students who have already received an offer of admission at another institution or UC campus to continue with their plans to attend elsewhere.”UC Counselors Bulletin emailed to counselors on June 9th

We are seeing a very different timetable this year than previous years. Due to political issues in Sacramento student waitlist notifications are trickling out at a snails pace. Freshmen continue receiving waitlist movement notifications from UCLA and Berkeley as of this week.

* UCLA has no housing shortage. If you decide to accept an offer at anytime this summer, it will be smooth sailing and you will begin school in the fall as if the waitlist nightmare never happened. I am told they also plan to continue to add orientation as needed.

* Berkeley students, housing will be an issue. But housing is an issue for everyone at Berkeley, so once you have your housing set it should be smooth sailing too.

 May 1st, 2015

Waitlist notifications have begun; if you are going to get good news it should be in the first two weeks of May. Chances decline as the month wears on, although this year is unusual because of the political standoff between Governor Brown and the current UC President. Last year I had a UCLA waitlist student hear good news mid May and a Berkeley Spring admit who was offered fall admission around mid May too! Good luck everyone.

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