Senior year schedule change

When Should I Update the UC?

Senior students if you barely squeaked by first semester with a “C” in a course and now you feel you are at risk for a grade below a “C”, it may be prudent to make a change to your schedule. Keeping in mind that course changes after you have submitted your application are serious; follow the links below to see how the campus you applied to would like to be notified. The UC’s DO REQUIRE that you notify them of any senior year course changes.

But in an effort to avoid a grade lower than a “C” take a deep breath and consider all of your possibilities.

  • Could a “new” class actually be more in line with your area of interest (major).
  • Is it possible the change can be positive?
  • Will it provide a stronger foundation in the area you plan to pursue in college?
  • Could you improve your grade by remaining in the same course, but get a tutor?
  • Is the class you are dropping one that you need for your major?  (i.e. math needed for engineering)

If you feel there is no choice but to change a course then be sure to replace an “a-g” course with an “a-g” course. Keep the change as minimal as possible by selecting a course of equal weight so your senior year course load remains the same. Notify each campus you have applied to.

How to notify each UC campus of changes:

UC San Diego Freshmen Applicants:
Use the Freshman Applicant Update Notification Form to notify UC San Diego if you:

  • change schools
  • add or drop a course
  • fail to earn a C or better in a course after you submit your application

Note: To access the Freshman Applicant Update Notification Form, you will need your User ID and password. These will be created when you log in to MyApplication for the first time. ” – UC San Diego Admissions

UC Davis Freshmen Applicants:
The decision to admit you is made based upon the assumption that you will complete the planned courses listed on your application and earn satisfactory grades. If you drop or switch a course, or if you earn less than a C grade in a course, you must notify UC Davis promptly. In many cases, they will be able to accommodate your changed schedule or help you find a way to make up a low grade. Failure to inform them of these changes can be grounds for admission denial.” – UC Davis Admissions

UC Santa Cruz Freshmen Applicants:

UC Santa Barbara Freshmen Applicants:
Because your admission has been based on the information you reported in your University of California application, UCSB expects that you will do the following:

  1. Complete all coursework indicated in your application. Notify the Office of Admissions if you change any academic coursework from what was reported in your application.
  2. Achieve an academic GPA of at least a 3.0 (weighted) with no grade lower than a “C” in each term of your senior year. Notify the Office of Admissions immediately if you earn a grade below a “C” in any academic course in your senior year.” – UC Santa Barbara Admissions

UCLA Freshmen Applicants:

“Q: I received a D grade in the fall semester … or…
I am thinking of dropping a class….

A: If the course schedule you gave UCLA on your application changes, if you receive any grade lower than C, or if your senior year unweighted GPA drops below 3.0, you should notify UCLA right away. They will review these changes in the context of your overall record and let you know whether they affect your admission. You may be required to take additional classes in the summer, or in some cases, your offer of admission can be withdrawn. Generally, the sooner you let them know of changes, the more options you will have.” – UCLA Admissions

UC Berkeley Freshmen Applicants:
If you have grade/coursework changes after November 30, in addition to notifying UC, you also must let UC Berkeley know about any changes to your courses or grades by emailing us with the following information: full name (UC application); UC application number; grade or course change and course name as it appears on your application.

NOTE: You must use the same email address as you listed in your submitted UC application. Email your request to: 

You can expect a decision via email within 5-7 business days.

Please note that providing misinformation could result in a cancellation of your admission to Berkeley.” – Berkeley Admissions

UC Irvine Freshmen Applicants: