UC Transfer Admissions Decisions


Transfer applicants will receive University of California admissions decision notifications through their individual UC portals by May 1, 2016. Good news for Cali residents applying to all UC’s this year; including UCLA and Berkeley. The UC plans to increase enrollment of residents this year and will admit a higher number of residents (freshmen and transfer) applying for entry Fall 2016 and 2017, compared to 2015. (Thanks to Governor Brown)

UC Admissions Decisions Dates

Campus Freshman Notification Transfer Notification
Riverside Early March (rolling thereafter) Early March (rolling thereafter)
Merced March 4 (rolling thereafter) March 4 (rolling thereafter)
Irvine March 16 (rolling thereafter) April 27 (rolling thereafter)
Santa Cruz March 15 March 17 (rolling thereafter)
Davis March 13 Late-April
Santa Barbara March 22 April 19 (rolling basis through May 1)
San Diego March 10 (It's Started) April 21
UCLA March 18 April 26
Berkeley March 30 April 28