About Suzanne Dougherty

Suzanne C. Dougherty

About Suzanne Dougherty

Passionate about higher education, and following a career change, Suzanne Dougherty got her start working in higher-ed at Santa Barbara Community College where she realized how much she enjoyed working with students. She has a great deal of knowledge and insight about UC admissions history having authored a book entitled The Complete Guide to University of California Admissions. She has spent years working to understand the complex undergraduate application and admission requirements, volunteering her time to answer student questions about the UC Application, financial aid, scholarships, senior year courses, recent changes to the Personal Statements and more. ”I lose sleep thinking about some of the questions I have received from students who have no outside assistance; many High School and Community College counselors are unable to help because they are simply overwhelmed by the number of students they serve. The inequity I see between the help students who have unlimited resources receive and those that have no resources really makes me want to get involved and find ways to do more.” – Suzanne Dougherty

“I have very current knowledge of what is required to be a competitive candidate for admission as a freshmen to a UC combined with recent first hand experience with many of the challenges students face in preparation to enter the system. Students working on their own routinely miss opportunities to advance themselves in the application process; and regret later not thinking more strategically about testing, GPA, work, extra curriculars, volunteer work and the application process.” — Suzanne Dougherty

Working independently, I conducted extensive research to complete the book titled, “The Complete Guide To University Of California Admissions” in an effort to help high school students navigate the complicated UC admissions system. “My wish is to help ALL students approach the University of California admissions well equipped with a high level of informed, fact based guidance.”

I continue to be driven to find additional ways to contribute to student success in reaching for higher education; expand my knowledge of the complex systems and share the resources I have accrued to benefit students who would otherwise be struggling through the process alone. “I understand the increasing complexities of the system and limited time many families face that can leave students feeling perplexed and without direction.”

With a special interest in California public higher education, and to remain connected to the University of California I routinely volunteer on both UCLA and UCSB campuses and attend the UC counselor conferences each year. Some of my most recent volunteer work includes:

  • UCLA True Bruin selection application reader
  • UCLA Alumni Scholarship National finalists competition judge
  • UCLA Alumni Scholarship application reader for freshmen (2015 & 2016)
  • UCLA Alumni Scholarship application reader for transfer students (2015 & 2016)
  • UCSB MESA Regional Event Volunteer
  • UCSB MESA S & T Event Volunteer
  • Fall UCLA counselor conference
  • Fall UC counselor conference at UCSB
  • Resume Workshop guest speaker and resume editor for Santa Barbara Partners in Education

“I enjoy helping students and parents through the application process and I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have. I routinely spend time on each UC campus and have wonderful stories to share about each and everyone of them. My experience as a scholarship application reviewer has provided me additional insight into the ways by which applicants are evaluated.” — Suzanne Dougherty

Please feel free to contact me for assistance:

Email suzanne.ucguide@gmail.com
Phone (805) 574-0031
Twitter @SuzanneUCguide
TXT (805) 574-0031

Student Testimonials:

Students & Parents, Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable feedback with others.

Dear Ma’am, Suzanne Dougherty: Your voice through your site admitguide.com has been a tremendous guide for me, while choosing which UC universities in California to apply, and it also greatly aided me in estimating my chances of acceptance at each. Your site and articles were filled with the kind of precise information that I needed. I used those as a guide, with the happy result that I have been accepted for undergraduate CS/CSE admissions, in not one, but, in three highly ranked universities of the UC system. Your advice helped me with my other apps as well.
As it is, I imagine that for high school students applying to colleges, the process can be confusing enough. It’s even more so for foreign applicants. For me, as a foreign high school student from New Delhi, trying to understand the American college system and admissions process was, initially, befuddling. Google searches can be a mind-numbing exercise, because then I am attempting to absorb and process relevant information from among hundreds of thousands of search results. What is relevant? Whose advice do I follow? Also different sites oftentimes offer contradictory advice.
Finding the right kind of information amidst the info overload on the internet is akin to looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Your site stood out like an effective lighthouse beacon, guiding students, like me, with targeted relevant information for my UC applications. I would whole-heartedly recommend your site to all prospective UC applicants. In hindsight, my only regret was NOT reading your UC admissions guide book before applying. Somehow, I feel that had I done so, maybe I could perhaps have avoided my one big UC admissions decline – UCB
And then, also, after the admit decisions, when I wrote to you to help me choose amongst my UC admits – I expected just one short email. I simply can’t appreciate enough, of your taking the time and effort, and providing detailed and relevant information for effectively addressing my concerns; and thus providing me the information tools needed for making my acceptance decision/SIR deposit by 1st May.
With sincere thanks and Regards – a grateful Devadatta B. – your follower from New Delhi, India
30 April 2016