UC Nobel Laureates

UC Nobel Laureates, Faculty and Alumni

Congratulations to UCSB Materials Professor Shuji Nakamura for winning a 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics. “This year’s Nobel Laureates are rewarded for having invented a new energy-efficient and environment-friendly light source – the blue light-emitting diode (LED).” – Source Nobelprize.org. A total of 61 current faculty and researchers affiliated with the University of California have won 62 Nobel Prizes and countless others have walked the UC Halls before them.

Berkeley leads the pack with 65 past and present Nobel Laureates. The school has such a reputation for having prize laureates that faculty Nobel winners can take advantage of exclusive parking spaces around campus. At first I had my doubts about this but sure enough, NPR confirmed it’s still true. Not only did these professors win the Nobel Prize but they were also awarded free parking spots on the Berkeley campus…priceless. NPR Story. (UC Nobel Laureates)

UCLA has had seven alumni go on to win the Nobel Prize. For now here is the current list as presented by the University of California. – Source UC Nobel Laureates:

Name Campus Year Award
Nakamura, Shuji Santa Barbara 2014 Physics
Schekman, Randy W. Berkeley 2013 Physiology or medicine
Shapley, Lloyd S. Los Angeles 2012 Economics
Yamanaka, Shinya San Francisco 2012 Physiology or medicine
Perlmutter, Saul Berkeley/Berkeley Lab 2011 Physics
Blackburn, Elizabeth H. San Francisco 2009 Physiology or medicine
Williamson, Oliver E. Berkeley 2009 Economics
Tsien, Roger Y. San Diego 2008 Chemistry
Smoot, George F. Berkeley/Berkeley Lab 2006 Physics
Gross, David J. Santa Barbara 2004 Physics
Kydland, Finn E. Santa Barbara 2004 Economic sciences
Rose, Irwin Irvine 2004 Chemistry
Engle, Robert F. San Diego 2003 Economic sciences
Granger, Clive W. J.* San Diego 2003 Economic sciences
Brenner, Sydney San Diego 2002 Physiology or medicine
Akerlof, George A. Berkeley 2001 Economic sciences
Heeger, Alan J. Santa Barbara 2000 Chemistry
Kroemer, Herbert Santa Barbara 2000 Physics
McFadden, Daniel L. Berkeley 2000 Economic sciences
Ignarro, Louis J. Los Angeles 1998 Physiology or medicine
Kohn, Walter Santa Barbara 1998 Chemistry
Laughlin, Robert B. Livermore Lab 1998 Physics
Boyer, Paul D. Los Angeles 1997 Chemistry
Chu, Steven Berkeley/Berkeley Lab 1997 Physics
Prusiner, Stanley B. San Francisco 1997 Physiology or medicine
Crutzen, Paul San Diego 1995 Chemistry
Molina, Mario J. San Diego 1995 Chemistry
Reines, Frederick* Irvine 1995 Physics
Rowland, F. Sherwood* Irvine 1995 Chemistry
Harsanyi, John C.* Berkeley 1994 Economic sciences
Markowitz, Harry M. San Diego 1990 Economic sciences
Bishop, J. Michael San Francisco 1989 Physiology or medicine
Varmus, Harold E. San Francisco 1989 Physiology or medicine
Cram, Donald J.* Los Angeles 1987 Chemistry
Lee, Yuan T. Berkeley/Berkeley Lab 1986 Chemistry
Debreu, Gerard* Berkeley 1983 Economic sciences
Milosz, Czeslaw* Berkeley 1980 Literature
Guillemin, Roger San Diego 1977 Physiology or medicine
Dulbecco, Renato* San Diego 1975 Physiology or medicine
Palade, George E.* San Diego 1974 Physiology or medicine
Schrieffer, J. Robert Santa Barbara 1972 Physics
Alfven, Hannes* San Diego 1970 Physics
Alvarez, Luis W.* Berkeley/Berkeley Lab 1968 Physics
Holley, Robert W.* San Diego 1968 Physiology or medicine
Schwinger, Julian* Los Angeles 1965 Physics
Townes, Charles H. Berkeley 1964 Physics
Goeppert-Mayer, Maria* San Diego 1963 Physics
Crick, Francis H. C.* San Diego 1962 Physiology or medicine
Pauling, Linus* San Diego 1962 Chemistry
Calvin, Melvin* Berkeley/Berkeley Lab 1961 Chemistry
Glaser, Donald A..* Berkeley/Berkeley Lab 1960 Physics
Libby, Willard F.* Los Angeles 1960 Chemistry
Chamberlain, Owen* Berkeley/Berkeley Lab 1959 Physics
Segre, Emilio G.* Berkeley/Berkeley Lab 1959 Chemistry
Pauling, Linus* San Diego 1954 Peace
McMillan, Edwin M.* Berkeley/Berkeley Lab 1951 Chemistry
Seaborg, Glenn T.* Berkeley/Berkeley Lab 1951 Chemistry
Giauque, William F.* Berkeley 1949 Chemistry
Northrop, John H.* Berkeley 1946 Chemistry
Stanley, Wendell M.* Berkeley 1946 Chemistry
Lawrence, Ernest O.* Berkeley/Berkeley Lab 1939 Physics
Urey, Harold C.* San Diego 1934 Chemistry
* deceased