I’m a resident, what are my chances?

What were last years Resident UC Admission Rates for Californians?

California resident applicants could have better luck with admission if they plan their campus selection using information that relates specifically to “Residents”. These numbers represent only Resident UC Admission Rates for Californians. Ignore the overall admit rates because they do not pertain to your chances as a resident.

How can I increase my chance for admission?

  1. Don’t just apply to the top; apply to colleges that include a broad range of selectivity. Too often students think they are increasing their chance for admission by applying to “more” top campuses. Despite what many believe, applying to 8 Ivy League Schools your does not increase your chance for admission. The same goes for UCLA and Berkeley. Include schools with higher admission rates for residents.
  2. Consider fully how your major effects your chance for admission. “Big Door vs. Little Door” . “Undeclared” is great for Berkeley but will dramatically reduce your chance for admission to UCLA.
  3. Complete the application carefully and understand how to form your personal statement prompt responses to place you in the best possible light; demonstrating leadership, genuine concern for others, or challenges you have overcome.
  4. Work with the GPA you have at the start of senior year. Senior year grades are too late to effect your admission chances
    (although if your grades drop senior year, the UC can retract offers of admission and poor grades will eliminate your waitlist chances)

How does the school you attend impact your chance for admission?

The UC adds points to an application for meeting a standard they call ELC (Eligible in the local context). Most California public high schools participate in this program. To meet your schools ELC benchmark, your GPA will be measured against a “historical benchmark set by previous admitted students from your school”. In short, you will be evaluated for admission compared to your high school peers.


Henry M. Gunn High School, a highly regarded public high school in the Bay Area. Yet each year a number of excellent students are turned away from the top UC campuses. Some of the students turned away from Berkeley or UCLA are admitted to Ivy League schools through Early Action, Early Decision or Single Choice Early Action. This should come as no surprise given their chances were higher for gaining admission to several IVY League schools by applying early.

Gunn High School
2014 Gunn High School and UC Campus specific GPA information


Monta Vista High School, a highly regarded public high school in the Bay Area each year has a number of excellent students turned away from the top UC campuses. UC Admission Rates for Californians continue to fall each year for all campuses but Merced.

Monta Vista High School
2014 Monta Vista High School and UC Campus specific GPA information


Amador Valley High School - UCLA Admission
2014 Amador Valley High School and UC Campus specific GPA information